***Live Updates*** Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation Hearings Continue

Outside witnesses will testify for and against Barrett.

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9:41 AM: Klobuchar again talking about following Barrett’s tracks. Graham points out that Ginsburg and Scalia left tracks as well. He says Barrett is the type of nominee Republicans nominate just like Sotomayor and Kagan are the types Democrats nominated. He says he doesn’t think Kagan and Sotomayor are “activist judges.”

Graham then says Democrats have a “good chance at winning the White House.”

9:34 AM: Lee says elections have consequences. Americans elected Republican president in 2016 and, after the Kavanaugh hearings, elected a Republican Senate. He says there is nothing about Barrett that can be left as suggesting that she is anything other than an extraordinarily gifted jurist.

9:31 AM: Graham says if anybody is ready to go to the Supreme Court it is judge Barrett and he accuses Democrats of just trying to get back at Trump.

9:24 AM: Durbin now speaking about the “denigration of the process” to the point that is is useless. He says nominees now just skillfully refuse to answer everything that is asked. Durbin says Barrett didn’t even answer if a president can unilaterally delay an election or if women can be denied the right to vote. Durbin says the nomination is beneath the dignity of the committee.

9:16 AM: Cruz making the case that moving forward is consistent with two centuries of precedent. He jokes that he sympathizes with Democrats who wish there had been a different presidential winner in 2016.

9:12 AM: Feinstein says this is being done to “show power” and “push someone through.” She says she has been on the committee for 25 years and this is “unprecedented.”

9:08 AM: Klobuchar says she has looked at historical examples and has concluded that the winner of this election should pick the next nominee. Democrats are trying to gum up the process. Graham seems beyond annoyed. She calls the process a “sham.”

9:05 AM: Blumenthal now motions to indefinitely postpone. Graham basically says “no we’re not.”

9:01 AM: Graham taking care of some housekeeping business before gaveling in the proceedings. Durbin says Graham cannot continue, even with a quorum, unless there are two members from the minority party presents. Durbin says he is the only member of the minority party present at the moment.

Durbin says Graham cannot conduct business unless two members of the minority are present. He moves to adjourn the hearing and says the committee cannot move forward with two members of the minority present.

Graham moves forward and asks the clerk to take the roll. Graham says the motion is passed and the committee will vote on Barrett’s nomination on October 22.

8:55 AM: The final day of hearings about to begin.