I Went to the Rally Last Night in Johnstown, Pennsylvania and President Trump Wanted to Kiss Me (VIDEO)

It may have been my sun-kissed cheeks from sitting outside all afternoon at the Johnstown Airport?
Or maybe it was the delicious orange drink I was sipping in the front row?
Or perhaps is was the stylish Dark Blue “Make America Great Again” hat I was wearing that I caught earlier in the day when the campaign was tossing out Trump swag to the audience?

Whatever it was — I was fired up!
And at one point during President Trump’s speech he looked at me, pointed and told the audience:

President Trump: “I’m immune. I could come down and start kissing everybody. I’ll kiss every guy, man and woman. Look at that guy, how handsome he is. I’ll kiss him.”

Back atcha, Mr. President!

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Here’s video:

Here are a few of the photos we took last night in Johnstown.


Thank you Rose, Joe Hoft and Jez for making it an incredible event!