FLASHBACK: 4 Years Ago at This Time Crooked Hillary Was Ahead by 10 Points — Don’t Believe the Fake News Polls

Back in 2016 the fake news media was reporting that Crooked Hillary was ahead by over 10 points against candidate Donald Trump.

This was around the same time the Obama Deep State was spying on Trump and and his family.

President Trump ended up wiping the floor with Crooked Hillary just three weeks later.

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President Trump’s supporters know the media, the tech giants and the polls are all against President Donald Trump.

We know the liberal fake news media is not going to run headlines on the murdered Trump supporter in Denver or the toppled Lincoln statues by violent leftists in Portland, Oregon.

Trump supporters KNOW Michelle Obama will get a pass when she lies and says the Black Lives Matter movement is “mostly peaceful.”

Don’t believe the liberal fake news media. Don’t believe their polls!
Trump nation is going to turn out in waves in November!