NO ONE LIKES A LIAR: Thousands Sign TGP Petition After He Smears Trump Supporters at Presidential Debate. Thank you!

At the first presidential debate Chris Wallace joined Joe Biden to tag-team on President Trump.

It was a disgusting display.

Chris Wallace did everything he could to interrupt, condemn, correct and even lecture the President of the United States!

Wallace, a DC elitist, consciously attempted to flip the election to Joe Biden and the radical Marxists in the Democrat Party.

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This wasn’t a surprise.
Chris Wallace hates Trump. He has been against Trump since the billionaire businessman announced his run for president.

Not only did Wallace attack the President but he would not allow President Trump discuss his amazing records or successes as President of the United States.

Worse yet, Biden accused Trump supporters, “white supremacist” group of causing violence and chaos in US cities.
This was a disgusting lie!

For months now far left extremists including Black Lives Matter and Antifa have rioted, looted and terrorized US cities from coast to coast.

Enough is Enough.

Ten days ago we launched a petition to Boycott Trump-Hater Chris Wallace and FOX News Sunday.

We refuse to support his lies.

And thanks to our readers we had several thousand truth-seekers sign the petition.
Thank you for standing with TRUTH over Chris Wallace’s lies!
We appreciate all of you!

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