‘RALLY TALLY’ Update and More Incredible Trump Car, Truck and Boat Rallies

Yesterday provided another example of the different campaigns in the pursuit for the White House. 

President Trump was in the White House where he welcomed 2,000 members of the Blexit group – notice more than 100k viewers at PBS:

Biden was in Erie, PA where he visited the local plumbers union – notice Biden had 6,000 views online and more thumbs down than up:

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Since Labor Day the President, despite contracting COVID which severely limited his ability to promote his campaign, is absolutely crushing Biden in Event attendance by supporters:

(Note President Trump saw more supporters when he was in the hospital than Biden has since Labor Day!)

We haven’t been keeping track of events by candidate surrogates or events held by random individuals around the US but here is a sample of some events we have become aware of:

A boat rally in California:

A truck rally somewhere (amazing):

A car rally in Minneapolis:

We have seen nothing even closely similar in the Biden campaign.

This is looking like it may be a major blowout come November 3rd.