Jim Carrey’s ‘Joe Biden’ Teleports To VP Debate As ‘The Fly’ On Mike Pence’s Head On ‘SNL’ — Watch

An unsuspecting fly emerged as the star of the VP Debate between Mike Pence & Kamala Harris — and the insect just made its ‘SNL’ debut in the form of Jim Carrey!

It’s the fly Gabrielle Union, 48, declared an “American Hero.” Of course, she was talking about the black insect that took up residence on Vice President Mike Pence‘s head during his Oct. 7 debate with Kamala Harris, 55! Saturday Night Live couldn’t resist taking a jab at the viral moment as Maya Rudolph, 48, once again appeared on the NBC series. The sketch began with Kate McKinnon, 36, as moderator and journalist Susan Page, 69.

Of course, things were off to a tense start right away with Beck Bennett‘s Mike Pence and Maya’s Kamala. “This is what they do, Susan. They avoid taking any responsibility,” she ranted as she was interrupted. “Mr. Vice President — I’m speaking. I’m speaking…I don’t think you do [understand that] because I’m talking and you’re speaking,” she said, declaring she was going to give him the “Claire Huxtable” eye (a Cosby Show reference).

Jim Carrey
Jim Carrey’s ‘Joe Biden’ appeared as the fly on ‘SNL’s VP debate sketch. (NBC)

“I’m now going to fix my face so you don’t know what I’m thinking, but every Black woman will know. And some white woman. And every gay man,” she hilariously added, as the sketch cut to Jim Carrey‘s Joe Biden watching at home with his wife Jill. A frustrated Joe couldn’t stand watching Beck’s Mike interrupt Maya’s Kamala, and had quite the solution: teleporting to the event! Unfortunately for Jim’s Joe, he inadvertently became a fly — but just a fly, the fly. Right on Pence’s head!

“I’m sorry to interrupt vice president Pence — there’s an um…there’s a giant…no, Senator Harris, help me out,” Kate’s Susan attempted to help, which Maya’s Kamala could have cared less about! “Oh, I’m good,” she retorted, sitting back with a bowl of popcorn. Jim’s fly had some comments of his own: “Mr. vice President do you not feel for them at all?” he wondered, adding, “Yes, yes, your economy is so in the toilet I want to lay my eggs on it.” At home, Jill had her own concerns. “Oh no, there must have been a fly in the teleportation machine! That’s why he looks like a fly…or like Jeff Goldbum?” she hilariously pondered.

Hilariously, the Oct. 7 fly didn’t move for an extended period of time as the real Pence attempted to debate with Kamala. Seemingly unaware of its presence, he kept going and Kamala didn’t acknowledge the insect either (if she did see it, that is). The bug quickly became a social media superstar as viewers and celebrities couldn’t help but react to the hysterical moment. Zach Braff posted, “that fly just drank homophobic robot blood,” while Sex and the City alum Sarah Jessica Parker wrote on Instagram, “Is that a fly???? On his head. I think that is a fly. Not sure if anyone else is watching. Or caught that. Hmmm…”