CBS News Runs Cover For Joe Biden After President Trump Calls Biden a Socialist During Public White House Event (VIDEO)

President Trump on Saturday held his first public event since recovering from Covid at the White House.

Approximately 300 to 400 Trump supporters attended the “peaceful protest” and wore matching hats and t-shirts as President Trump delivered a speech from the White House balcony.

Candace Owens was in attendance as well as the group she founded, “Blexit” – Black conservatives who support President Trump.

President Trump spoke for about 18 minutes and said he is “feeling great.”

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“We’re starting very big with our rallies … because we cannot allow our country to become a socialist country,” Trump said to cheers.

Of course the fake news media immediately attacked President Trump for holding a rally at the White House and ran cover for Joe Biden.

CBS News said President Trump “falsely” claimed Biden is a Socialist.


Biden is a trojan horse for the Marxist wing of the Democrat party and has repeatedly bragged that he would be the “most progressive president in US history” if elected.

Progressive = Socialist.

Joe Biden refuses to answer whether he will pack the Supreme Court — the Democrats are planning on overthrowing the Supreme Court with far left Marxists and Biden refuses to answer until ‘after the election’ – as usual, the media gives Biden a pass on whether he will alter a branch of government.

Furthermore, Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris (rated the most liberal member of the Senate), who is really the Democrat candidate for president, is to the left of Bernie Sanders.

Kamala Harris is a radical leftist who supports the following dangerous policies (via Trump campaign):

  • Instead of prioritizing the wellbeing of the American people, Harris will put illegal immigrants first.
  • Harris is in lockstep with the socialist, job-killing policies of Bernie Sanders and AOC.
  • Harris supports massive tax increases and government spending.
  • Harris would be the most pro-abortion vice president in history.