HUGE! President Trump Pulls Ads from Ohio and Iowa — Internal Polling Shows Trump Way Up in Critical Swing States! (VIDEO)

The liberal mainstream media is SO FULL OF LIES!
PLEASE — REMEMBER — DO NOT TRUST — the Liberal Mainstream Lies in the next 4 weeks!

The liberal media is running headlines that President Trump has pulled out of Iowa and Wisconsin because he is losing.
Republicans KNOW Ohio is a critical state to win in every Presidential race.
Republicans MUST win Ohio in the current climate.

So why would a fighter like Trump pull out of Iowa and Ohio? Think about it.
It’s only because he is WINNING BIGLY!
The media is pretending this is because Trump is losing.

They lie.

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President Trump went on with Sean Hannity last night. President Trump spoke out about their internal polling in Iowa and Ohio.

President Trump: But I’m looking at polls. We’re doing great in Iowa. We’re doing great in Ohio. We’re doing great in many, many places. Then you come home and turn on the television and you see gee, I’m four down. I can’t believe it. But they’re fake polls.

Trump campaign spokeswoman Samantha Zager added, “President Trump and his campaign are extremely confident about our chances in these states. We have been talking directly with voters for years via multiple avenues about the success of President Trump’s America First agenda. Unlike Joe Biden, campaign ads aren’t the only way we know how to campaign.”

Here is the video segment from last night’s Trump-Hannity interview.