Update: The Gateway Pundit Sues St. Louis Treasurer Tishaura Jones and Local Activist Umar Lee for Defamation

In late June The Gateway Pundit organized a prayer rally at the statue of St. Louis on Art Hill in Forest Park.

We organized the rally to call out Catholics and Christians to come pray at the statue of St. Louis, a statue that was targeted by radical leftists in the city.

In response to our announced prayer rally local rabble-rouser Umar Lee labeled the Catholic prayer event as a “white nationalist” event, “Among those who have signed up to attend are those on the alt-right such as those who held the infamous and tragic rally in Charlottesville.”

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And St. Louis City Treasurer Tishaura Jones labeled the Catholic rosary a “KKK rally.”

Obviously, such hateful smears brought out a massive crowd of violent leftists on the day of our prayer rally.
They were ready to beat heads.
And they did.

This is what happened when Catholics came to pray.

One Catholic man was beaten and knocked out.

‘The Next Thing I Know I Was Coming to. They Actually Knocked Me Out” – Catholic Victim Speaks Out After Brutal Beating by Leftist with Brass Knuckles at St. Louis Statue

At least three Catholic men were beaten that day.

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We went to pray.  The counter-protesters came to beat heads.

In July Attorneys for The Gateway Pundit send out letters to Umar Lee and Tishaura Jones demanding a retraction of their previous defamatory statements.

We asked Umar Lee and Tishaura Jones to retract their statements but they refused.

On Thursday The Gateway Pundit sued Tishaura Jones and Umar Lee for defamation after violent mob attacks Catholic prayer event.