Pennsylvania Voters Tell MSNBC They Are “Disappointed” Biden and Harris Are Lying About Their Plan to Ban Fracking (VIDEO)

Pennsylvania voters told MSNBC they are disappointed that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are lying about their plant to ban fracking.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have repeatedly stated they will ban fracking if they win the November election.

They are both on video agreeing to ban fracking when confronted by radical left-wing greenies.

Watch all of Joe Biden’s promises to ban fracking if he’s president:

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Watch Kamala Harris say “there is no question that I am in favor of banning fracking”:

Both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are now trying to distance themselves from their previous promises to ban fracking because thousands of Pennsylvanians would lose their jobs.

Biden and Harris are desperate to win Pennsylvania so they are lying about their stance on fracking.

Pennsylvanians aren’t happy about their lies.