Pelosi Claims Police ‘Murdered’ Breonna Taylor, Laments That No One Held Accountable

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi truly takes the prize among politicians stoking discord and spreading false narratives in America.

The most recent example is her response to a Kentucky grand jury’s decision not to charge police officers in the death of Breonna Taylor.

“Justice was denied for Breonna Taylor and her family,” the California Democrat told reporters Thursday.

“Just think if it were your daughter, your sister, your cousin, your relative, your friend who was murdered by the police and the charging decision held no one accountable for her death,” she said.

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Murdered? Are you kidding me?

Murder is the premeditated, unlawful killing of another human being.

Even the lesser crime of manslaughter, which requires no premeditation, would not be applicable here, because the Louisville police officers were fired upon first.

So what crime would Pelosi like the officers to face in relation to Taylor’s death?

Contrary to the false narrative built up by Black Lives Matter activists and the leftist media, the police officers did not conduct a no-knock raid and break into her apartment guns blazing.

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron said at a news conference Wednesday that a witness confirmed that officers both knocked and announced their presence prior to entering the apartment as part of a narcotics-related search warrant.

That’s when Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, opened fire on them, hitting one of the officers.

Police returned fire and tragically killed Taylor, who had been standing next to Walker, during the melee.

Do you think Daniel Cameron handled the Taylor case appropriately?

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These are the facts, according to the attorney general’s investigation and the grand jury’s determination.

To have charged the officers in Taylor’s death would have been an act of injustice and greatly undermined the future of public safety.

If the police can’t lawfully return fire when fired upon, how can law and order be maintained?

Pelosi, the third-highest-ranking public official in the United States, must know this, but apparently she has chosen to sacrifice the people’s safety on the altar of political expediency.

Following the announcement by Cameron, the speaker tweeted, “Breonna Taylor should be alive today. She should be living and laughing and loving. Instead, her family is left continuing the search for justice. Today’s charging decision holds no one accountable for her death.”

That evening, a gunman tried to kill two Louisville police officers.

When public officials label police officers as murderers, it’s not surprising that some take that as open season on police.

Cameron has been the grownup in this entire situation.

“Justice is not often easy, it does not fit the mold of public opinion, and it does not conform to shifting standards. It answers only to the facts and to the law,” he said when announcing the grand jury’s findings.

“If we simply act on emotion or outrage, there is no justice. Mob justice is not justice. Justice sought by violence is not justice it just becomes revenge.”

President Donald Trump read Cameron’s comments aloud at a news briefing Tuesday and called it “a terrific statement.”

“He’s handling it very well,” Trump said. “You know who he is, right? You — I think you know. I think everyone now knows who he is.”

Thank God it was Cameron who oversaw the Taylor inquiry, following the law and facts where they led, and not someone like Pelosi, who for the sake of political expediency is clearly willing to bend “justice” to the demands of the mob.

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