Antifa activist: Burning buildings stimulates the economy


Little did anyone know that the Antifa movement had its own economist.

But it does:

See him:

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A masked man, on video, says, “Burning down a building is a symbolic act.”

“It’s also very destructive,” the videographer explains.

“Sure, but it creates economic activity because you need to employ a bunch of people to build the building back up,” the “expert” explains.

Perhaps robbing a story then would to the same, since shelves have to be refilled? And stealing cars would be a boost for Detroit, which could replace them? Maybe breaking a few legs would benefit the economic bottom line for hospitals?

Those questions weren’t answered.

But a commentary at Twitchy said, “Just because there’s been mayhem in the streets of many American cities over the last few months doesn’t mean there aren’t some civil arguments being presented in order to justify the destruction.”

It continued, “If the New York Times ever wants to hire a new economist, their search is over.”

A long list of social media comments, anonymous, inevitably turned sarcastic.

With “So antifa is a job-creation organization now? I see a CNN headline in this.”

And, “Hey, I’m just out here creating jobs!”