“Violence Has No Home in Portland” – Clown Mayor Ted Wheeler Crawls out from under Rock and Condemns “Alt-Right Groups” Planned Protest in Portland

On Wednesday night anttifa-BLM mob set off the Mother-of-All-Molotov Bombs in downtown Portland.

BLM-Antifa has been rioting in Portland for over 100 straight days.
The radical left has destroyed downtown Portland and what is not destroyed is boarded up.

This happens while clown show Mayor Ted Wheeler looks the other way.

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But while Wheeler gives the BLM mob a pass he will not stand for “alt-right groups” protesting in his city.

The Proud Boys are planning to hold a rally in Portland this weekend.
The Proud Boys have never instigated an attack against the far left – but they have finished a few.

Mayor Ted Wheeler posted a tweet denouncing the Proud Boys from assembling in his city.
Of course, it is their constitutional right to assemble in public.

Mayor Wheeler says, “Violence has no home in Portland.”
What a joke!