Mall of America introduces virtual shopping

(ZEROHEDGE) – Since the virus pandemic began, consumers have stayed away from shopping malls, including Mall of America (MoA), the largest shopping mall in the US, with more than 500 stores, located in Bloomington, Minnesota. Already, MoA’s owner, Triple Five, has missed mortgage payments this year. There is a push among MoA’s marketing department to revive the dying mall via a new “live stream shopping” experience.

Jill Renslow, the Senior VP of Business Development & Marketing at MoA, told KARE 11 that MoA has just partnered with Popshop Live.

Renslow explained the app is “live real-time shopping through a digital channel. It’s kind of the new version of QVC.”

She said it’s different than ordering from online retailers, as there is a digital shopping experience that is attached to it – something Amazon customers don’t experience.

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