Since 1900, 70% of Supreme Court Justice Nominees Were Approved in Less Than 46 Days

Undercover Huber on Twitter put together a robust review of Supreme Court Justice nominees since 1900.  The majority of these picks (70%) were confirmed within 46 days (the amount of time from Friday to the election).

Undercover Huber has put together some great stuff since President Trump was elected President and yesterday he did it again.  He put together a list of Supreme Court Justices since 1900 and identified the number of days between when they were nominated to when they were confirmed.

According to Undercover Huber 61 Supreme Court Justice picks have been nominated and confirmed since 1900 and 70% of them were confirmed within 46 days:

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Some of the Justices were confirmed within 14 days:

One Justice was confirmed within a day!

Four Justices were confirmed the same day they were nominated.

18 Justices took longer than 46 days to confirm (this includes the grotesque, shameful, corrupt and criminal actions the Democrats took in attempting to stop the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation.):

There is plenty of time to nominate and confirm the next Supreme Court Justice.  Ginsburg was nominated and confirmed with less time than between now and the election.

Hat tip Undercover Huber