“Right to Worship Is not Given by1st Amendment, It’s Protected by 1st Amendment” — San Francisco Archbishop Speaks Out, Says ‘Throw the Bums Out’ Mentality Growing (VIDEO)

Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone recently called on San Francisco Mayor London Breed to lift the unfair restrictions on the Mass.
He’s right.

San Francisco is the only government in the entire Bay Area to tell people of faith — Only 12 people allowed and only outdoors.

On Friday Speaker Pelosi was critical of the archbishop’s recent op-ed protesting limits on larger public gatherings. She said he should not be putting people’s lives at risk. “With all do respect to my archbishop, I think we should follow science on this,” Pelosi said.

On Sunday morning Archbishop Cordileone explained why Catholics must resist the unjust repression of our right to worship.

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Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone: The government has no authority telling us we can’t worship. They have no authority to tell us whether or not we’re essential. They have no authority to tell us what sorts of worship are essential. They have the authority to tell us what we need to do to keep people safe when they worship. But those restrictions can’t be so severe to effectively ban worship… The right to worship is not given by the First Amendment, it’s protected by the First Amendment… Current San Francisco law allows only one person inside a church at a time to pray… No one has given me the rationale. There is no rationale except discrimination. They’re discriminating against us. This is clearly targeting against us… I sense a sort of … “throw the bums out” sort of mentality.

Via FOX and Friends Weekend: