Watch: Triggered Woman Repeatedly Screams ‘F**cking Racist Dirty C**t’ at BLM Philly Protest

“Fucking racist dirty c*nt,” a woman repeated four times as she clapped, directing the insults to a man identified as a street preacher and ending her spiel with a “yeehaw.” Another angle of the video shows her shouting “racist” as he told her to “stop being a lesbian”:

Another video shows the same woman screaming in the face of a Philadelphia police officer, who just shook his head:

The scenes are just a few of many that unfolded in Philadelphia on Tuesday evening, as protesters took to the streets in response to President Donald Trump participating in a town hall event in the city. Protesters blocked traffic, stood on bus stops, and chanted in the streets. One demonstrator could be heard declaring that the Electoral College “look[s] like a red carpet for the KKK”:

The Blaze host and reporter Elijah Schaffer captured a video showing a stark contrast between the BLM protesters and a group of Christians in the area, who calmly held hands and prayed in the midst of the chaos as BLM demonstrators continued to hurl expletives toward the police, and Trump, throughout their night of protest: