USC Football Players Release Letter Demanding That They Be Allowed To Play

USC football players want to play this fall, and have released a letter demanding that they be given a chance.

Amon-Ra, Kedon Slovis and head Coach Clay Helton all chimed up on a letter demanding that Governor Gavin Newsom let the Trojans play during the coronavirus pandemic. The PAC-12 canceled the 2020 season back in August. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

You can read the letter below, which states in all bold letters, “Please let us play.”

Good for all of these players. Good for everyone speaking up. Remember when people laughed at me when we armed up for the civil war in the Big 10?

Well, the B1G is returning, despite the fact there’s been no official announcement yet. If you raise enough hell, then anything is possible.

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Now, USC football players have had enough of watching other teams playing while they’re forced to sit on the sidelines.

I don’t blame them one bit. I’d be pissed as all hell if I had to watch two weekends of college football successfully be played while being told I’m not allowed to take the field.

Let the young men play! Let them play ASAP! This nonsense about football not being safe needs to end, and it needs to end immediately.

This is America, and in this country we play football!