New survey reveals turnaround in church giving

(RELIGION NEWS) – A new survey of churches across America reveals a turnaround for church financial health — halting a downward trend in offerings caused by COVID-19.

The findings are welcome news for churches as the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) launches the second annual Bless Your Pastor ( campaign to equip churches for October Pastor Appreciation Month.

The State of the Plate survey of over 1,000 churches across 50 states in late August reveals almost two-thirds (64 percent) report giving is steady or has increased. When the same State of the Plate question was asked in April, 65 percent of churches reported a drop in giving as COVID-19 hit.

“This is encouraging news for churches across America,” said Brian Kluth, a former pastor and now national spokesperson for the Bless Your Pastor movement and NAE Financial Health. “These new findings show that most churches and their families are figuring out ways to survive and even thrive in the midst of all the challenges that the pandemic has thrown their way.”

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