Boston College Coronavirus Cases Drop After Short-Lived Spike

According to a Boston Herald report, Boston College has recovered from a spike in positive coronavirus tests. The university experienced a spike last week when 3.5 percent of students tested positive for the virus. Just a week later, only 0.6 percent of students have tested positive.

The university claimed through a spokesperson that the initial spike was caused by off-campus social gatherings. The university attributes the drop in positive cases to student compliance with various policies that have been adopted to mitigate the spread of the virus.

After the initial spike, Newton, Massachusetts, Mayor Ruthanne Fuller said that the spike amongst Boston College students posed a threat to the surrounding community.

“Boston College must take swift, decisive and effective action now to contain the spread of this serious infectious disease,” Fuller said. “The data on the spike in positive Boston College cases demonstrates viral transmission. They must act now to protect the health of their BC community and all our Newtonians.”

Tory Mazzola, Massachusetts’ COVID-19 Command Center spokesman, said that the university can continue to control the virus if students follow social distancing guidelines.

“We will continue these meetings to ensure plan alignment and implementation during this transition and to ensure strong communications remain in place,” Mazzola said. “We all must remain vigilant — wearing masks, limiting gathering sizes and getting tested if we feel sick, all of which help us protect our families, friends and neighbors.”

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