President Trump Retweets Evidence COVID-19 Is Fizzling Out in the US If It’s Not Over

President Trump retweeted the chart above which was included in a Twitter thread explaining that the COVID-19 crisis is over and it’s fizzling down as is expected.

The Twitter thread President Trump retweeted mirrors much of what we have been sharing regarding the status of the China coronavirus.

The number of new cases are skewed by number of new tests of new cases which have increased tremendously:

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The number of cases of COVID increase if the number of tests increase:

The President shared the tweet showing the number of deaths winding down:

The schools, cities and states are safe, it’s time to end this charade:

Finally, the actions to quarantine are unfounded with no evidence that they work.  Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx led America astray and many, many Americans are still suffering from their actions and quarantines.

It’s time to end the Hiden Biden COVID lockdown.  Just because Sleepy Joe can’t make it out of the basement, doesn’t mean we all can’t get back to work.