BUSTED: The Media Continues to Declare the COVID Crisis Is In Full Force Despite Data Around the World Indicating The Worst of It Was Over Some Time Ago

(The above picture is from an event where 600 doctors in the EU came together to discuss the over reaction to COVID-19 in August.)

The COVID Crisis continues despite more and more data around the world showing that the China Coronavirus is fizzling and likely over.

While the media wants to keep Americans in fear and panic over the China coronavirus so that their candidate Joe Biden can continue to distance himself from the Presidential campaign, others are taking a more mature perspective of COVID-19:

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The fact is, according to a review of the data, more people in the UK died on average over the past 5 years than died this year  since June:

President Trump evidently also knows the China coronavirus is fizzling out which is why he is not concerned about event goers at his rallies social distancing or wearing masks at all times:

Of course, the CDC shows the number of dying related to the cornonavirus and this number continues to dwindle and currently is clearly not of serious proportions:

Anyone who wants to keep schools closed, wants social distancing, wants others to wear masks and wants their candidate to continue to parade around in a silly black mask, has totally lost it and is need of a reality check.