“An Incredible Scam Being Perpetrated on the American Voters… The Media Is Complicit in This” – Liz Peek DESTROYS Feeble Joe Biden (VIDEO)

Columnist and business analyst Liz Peek got REALLY honest this morning on Varney and Co.

The conservative commentator weighed in on Joe Biden’s mental accuity and did not hold back.

Liz Peek: Democrats have put forward a candidate that they know, and they’ve known for months, is not capable of mixing it up with reporters. How in the world is he going to be capable of mixing it up with Vladimir Putin or Xi Jinping? This is an incredible scam being perpetrated on American voters. The reason he needs a Teleprompter as you point out is because he really does not have any serious grounding… I think this is appalling. And by the way it’s not working… All these rumors and reports about him relying on a Teleprompter, by the way make the media complicit in this scam.

Finally, a major reporter blurts out what we’ve all been seeing.

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Via Varney and Co.: