Biden Busted Using Teleprompter for Interviews? Reflection During James Corden Remote Interview Shows Monitor With Writing

Video of Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden from a virtual appearance on the Late Late Show with James Corden on CBS from April 21 this year shows a split screen monitor in Biden’s basement studio that contains what appears to be a Teleprompter in one quarter of the four screen monitor.

While Biden was holding up to the camera a large framed photograph of himself with his two sons, Hunter and Beau, when they were in college, a reflection of the monitor could be seen. In the upper left as seen in the reflection is the feed from Biden, lower right is Cordon, lower left is hard to see but the upper right shows type-written words in green and blue.

A video clip was posted late Friday night that went viral and caught the attention of Republicans and others:

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GOP Rapid response Director Steve Guest, “That reflection…Joe Biden was using a teleprompter for an interview with James Corden.”

Original video was from an emotional segment from the Corden interview in which Biden was discussing his family and holding up photographs.

On Thursday, Biden campaign spokesman T.J. Ducklo refused to answer whether Biden uses a teleprompter during TV interviews.

The issue has come up as it appears to observers that Biden has been using a Teleprompter during remote interviews.