Joe Biden Tries to Attack President Trump on the Historic USMCA Trade Agreement – Finally Admits It’s Better than NAFTA (VIDEO)

Joe Biden sat for an interview with Jake Tapper from CNN on Wednesday.

It was as disastrous as you would expect… And Jake Tapper is a FRIENDLY reporter.

During the interview Joe Biden attempted to attack Trump on the deal, started rambling about something nonsensical and then finally agreed the USMCA was a better deal for American workers.

It is still shocking that Democrats are running a man with late stage dementia as their presidential candidate.

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Joe Biden: No, remember he isn’t the one who pushed that particular one in the past.  The House amended the bill…  By the way it’s a big deal though.  Here is what they amended… He was giving Pharma a way out.  Giving them a gigantic break just like he’s doing now, with Pharma.  They’re building plants overseas and getting tax breaks for it.  That’s what it was about with him.

Jake Tapper:  (Looks annoyed) He renegotiated NAFTA and you didn’t is the point.

Joe Biden: Because was had a Republican congress that wouldn’t go along with us… negotiated.

Jake Tapper: But doesn’t he deserve some credit for that?  It’s better . The USMCA is better than NAFTA.

Joe Biden:  It is better than NAFTA.