GOP Sees Major Bounce in Voter Registrations in Pennsylvania: ‘I Want to Be in the Trump Party’

According to Politico, “the GOP has seized on their uptick in party members as a sign that Trump is on track to win this critical Rust Belt swing state a second time”:

The GOP has also seen a larger boost in registrations than Democrats in three critical areas across Pennsylvania: Erie, Luzerne and Northampton counties, all of which helped Trump flip the state by backing him after supporting former President Barack Obama in 2012.

In 2016, Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in Erie County by 1.6 percent, Luzerne by 19.3 percent, and Northampton by 3.8 percent. By contrast, Barack Obama defeated his challenger Mitt Romney in Erie County by 16.9 percent, Luzerne by 4.9 percent, and Northampton by 4.5 percent.

Gloria Lee Snover, chair of the Northampton County Republican Party, said that people are telling her that they “want to be in the Trump party.”

“It’s Trump, Trump, Trump,” she said, according to Politico. “They’re like, ‘Oh, I want to be in the Trump party.’ It’s kind of funny. … I’m like, ‘You mean the Republican Party?’ They’re like, ‘Oh, yeah.'”

Ultimately, Trump scored a surprise upset in the Keystone State in 2016, besting Clinton by less than a single percentage point.

Both Biden and Trump have stumped in the battleground state in recent days. Last week, Biden made a rare appearance on the campaign trail in the western region of the state and asked, “Do I look like a radical socialist, with a soft spot for rioters?”

Trump also appeared in the state last week and busted Biden for loosening his position on fracking.

“Now, Biden came out today and said, ‘No, no, fracking is ok’. … Because he was getting killed!” Trump said.

“He said we would make sure that it would be eliminated,” he continued. “Now, he is coming in saying, ‘This is not working too well.'”