Amazon adding 33K corporate jobs with average $150K compensation

(FOX BUSINESS) – Amazon is adding 33,000 new corporate jobs, the tech giant announced in a blog post Wednesday.

The corporate job additions come ahead of the tech giant’s first virtual “Career Day” on Sept. 16, which will give job seekers of all levels and interests the opportunity to attend live-streamed discussions and interviews with industry leaders, according to the event website.

“COVID-19 continues to affect millions of people across the country, and people are eager for the opportunity to get back to work,” Beth Galetti, Amazon senior vice president, human resources, said in a statement Wednesday. “We’ve created more jobs in the U.S. over the past decade than any other company – and we are continuing to hire people from all backgrounds and at all skill levels.”

Galetti added that the company is mobilizing “more than 1,000 experienced recruiters and HR professionals to help job seekers across the country learn about opportunities at Amazon and elsewhere.”

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