“Move it Up Here” – A Visibly Exhausted Joe Biden Struggles to Speak as He Relies on Teleprompter to Answer Questions During Virtual Event (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Monday joined far-left AFL-CIO for a virtual event.

The 77-year-old was visibly exhausted as he read from his teleprompter.

Biden was breathing very heavily and struggled to speak.

At one point he appeared to give his staffers teleprompter instructions, “Move it up here” he said before reading his scripted notes.

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This was painful to watch.

Biden must be spent from his outings this week.

Biden was breathing very heavily during his Kenosha town hall earlier this week as well.

Earlier Monday Biden met with labor union leaders in Lancaster and answered a softball question from a reporter.

Biden is exhausted even though he was sitting in a chair during his meeting with labor leaders.

Photo via CBS’s Bo Erickson

It’s just too much for him.

He barely made it through the virtual event.