New York Times FINALLY Reports on Historic Trump Boat Parades — But Only to Mock Them After 4 Boats Sink in Rough Waters in Texas

There have been Dozens of Trump Boat Parades with THOUSANDS of Boaters in the United States the past few months.

On Saturday there were Trump Boat Parades with thousands of boaters in North Carolina, Minnesota, Texas, Missouri, Ohio and Florida.

Massive Trump Boat Parades Underway in North Carolina, Minnesota, Texas, Missouri, Ohio, Florida – Thousands of Boats! (VIDEO)

Earlier today there was a MASSIVE Trump boat parade on Lake Travis in Texas.

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The water was choppy and four boats reportedly called for assistance and sunk.

The New York Times reported on the Lake Travis boats in distress.

It was the FIRST TIME The New York Times reported on a Trump Boat Parade.

Doing a search on The New York Times on “Trump Boat Parade” this is what you get…

The New York Times has ignored this historic phenomenon until today.
The NY Times only reported on the Trump boat parades to mock the supporters for losing their boats.

This is why NO ONE trusts the liberal mainstream media anymore.
It’s complete crap.