Sickening: Suspect Accused of Dragging Deputy Behind Car During Traffic Stop

While the radical left demonizes law enforcement officers whenever they’re forced to shoot a criminal, they never take notice of those like Deputy Keith Inman who end up hospitalized when a traffic stop turns violent.

The Augusta-Richmond County, Georgia, sheriff’s deputy was in “critical but guarded condition” after 29-year-old Kaylon Smith allegedly dragged him with his car while trying to flee from a traffic stop in Augusta on Wednesday, WRDW-TV reported.

“Over the course of that stop, the suspect attempted to flee the traffic stop in the vehicle, unfortunately dragging the deputy though the parking lot,” Sgt. William McCarty said.

Inman had stopped Smith’s 2012 Hyundai Equus near the intersection of Wrightsboro Road and Augusta West Parkway when a police K-9 picked up the scent of narcotics near the driver’s side of the vehicle, according to WFXG-TV.

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As Inman attempted to remove Smith from the car, the suspect allegedly peeled away with Inman still caught in the open door.

According to police, Smith dragged the deputy through the parking lot and between two poles, which struck Inman and dislodged him from the door.

The suspect sped away and crashed his vehicle, forcing him to flee on foot.

Smith was later collared after a coordinated search by several law enforcement entities turned up the suspect, who has a history of narcotics and motor vehicle violations, including a hit-and-run accident, dating back to 2008, an updated WFXG-TV report said.

Inman remains hospitalized for body and head trauma sustained in the incident, but because it was him and not Smith who was hurt, nobody will be shouting for someone to say his name or have saintly images of Inman projected on monuments.

The brave heroes who willingly confront danger every day don’t hold rallies or riot; they just take it in stride as all in a day’s work, even as they are denigrated by organizations such as Black Lives Matter and Democratic politicians who seek to defund the police.

The anti-police mob proposes confronting the kinds of career criminals who would drag a police officer around a parking lot like a rag doll with such idiotic alternatives as deploying unarmed social workers instead.

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The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh lampooned that absurd scenario calling it “an outlandish satire of liberalism except now it’s real life.”

A June tweet imagined the exchanged going something like this:

“911, what’s your emergency.”

“I’m at the bank and there’s a guy with a gun here holding us all hostage.”

“Okay sir, remain calm. Our victims rights advocates will be there promptly with a strongly worded letter.”

The whole idea is ridiculously naive, but then again these are the people who blindly believe that any suspect shot while resisting arrest must instead be the victim of brutal, racist cops.

Could it be that suspects who face prison become desperate and violent toward police, sometimes forcing officers to choose between killing or being killed?

Instead, the radical left is silent on situations where an officer is injured by a suspect, yet its rhetoric would have turned Augusta into the next city destroyed by riots had the roles been reversed.

Unfortunately, the left is very concerned about violence against “people of color” — as long as that color isn’t blue.

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