NEW WORLD ORDER: Australia Begins Arresting Citizens Posting Non-Approved COVID Talking Points – Ohio Passes Order to Create Corona Shelters – Dr. Fauci Claims Sky Is Falling

A pregnant Australian woman was arrested this week for posting unapproved corona talking points on her Facebook page.

The left and globalists have no problem with this.

As COVID begins to fizzle out, Dr. Fauci yesterday inserted fears in the markets by claiming that the number of COVID cases is “unacceptably high”:

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In Ohio on Monday the state’s governor Mike Dewine passed an order that creates FEMA camps to isolate COVID contaminated people:

This is in spite of the fact that the US decided to shut down the US economy for 15 days to slow the spread of the China coronavirus 173 days ago:

This also is in spite of the fact that COVID is basically fizzling out:

Maybe it just doesn’t matter, maybe we’ll soon be like Australia this week where individuals are arrested for posting about a lockdown protest where he encourages people not to attend:

We are close to if not already living the world where everything is officially upside down and your rights no longer matter.