Biden Has a Serious Problem Among Florida Hispanic Voters – Biden is 11 Points Lower Than What Hillary Clinton Received in 2016 Exit Polls

Joe Biden has a serious problem among Florida Hispanic voters.

According to a new poll conducted by Equis Research, a Democrat Latino research and data firm, Biden leads President Trump among Hispanics by 53-37 — Biden’s so-called 16 point lead over Trump is a whopping 11 points lower than what Hillary Clinton received in 2016 exit polls in Florida, a state she LOST to Trump.

The same poll also shows President Trump is ahead of his Florida Hispanic 2016 performance by 2 points, Politico reported.

Cubans and other Latinos in Florida are rejecting Joe Biden because they see him as a radical Socialist.

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Or perhaps they are also offended by Joe Biden’s use of the ‘gender neutral’ term LatinX?

The Trump campaign is doing a great job of linking “progressive” Biden to Latin Socialists and revolutionaries.

The Trump camp last month unveiled a powerful ad targeting Hispanic voters.

The ad showed Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro, Venezuelan Socialist Hugo Chavez and others bragging about being progressive.

Latinos from South America and Cuba who have suffered under Socialist and Communist regimes have come to the US for a better life and they know “progressive” is code word for Socialism which = suffering and death.


Furthermore, job numbers released today through the end of August were massive.

There was an increase of more than a million jobs! And the unemployment rate dropped to 8.4%, more than 2 points lower than July’s 10.2%!