TRUMP Dunks on “Crazy Nancy” After She Gets “Set Up” and “Tricked” By Salon Owner

Video released on Tuesday shows Queen Nancy Pelosi at a shuttered salon getting her hair done on Monday.  Nancy was too important to follow the rules like the little people..
She is also seen without a face mask… Masks are for the little people too.

Democrats have no problem destroying small businesses but they will do as they damn well please!

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Pelosi later released a statement saying she was unaware of the rules.

Then at a stop later in the day on Wednesday Nancy Pelosi demanded an apology from the salon!
She only apologized for being tricked!

On Wednesday Pelosi told reporters she took responsibility for “a set-up” and for being “tricked.”

On Thursday President Trump dunked on Crazy Nancy.

Trump tweeted that maybe salon owner Erica Kious should be Speaker of the House?