“You’re Nothing But a Stooge!” – OUCH! CNN’s Brian Stelter Goes on CSPAN – Callers Chew Him Up and Spit Him Out (VIDEO)

Hack reporter Brian Stelter went on C-SPAN to promote his new book about FOX News and President Trump.

He was wanting to promote his book.
He did not expect this…

Minnesota C-SPAN caller: “I don’t know if there’s any journalists left at CNN, but I know that if I were to estimate about 300 different distortions or misinformation that we get out of CNN … if you added all that up to 46 months, it comes out to be 300,000-plus distortions of truth. This is how low you’ll go is that you went out, and you made lies, and you defamed a child, and then, you had to settle out of court to pay this child for distorting information about this young individual.”

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A second caller attacked Stelter and his network calling him “Humpty Dumpty” on the air.