Rep. Mo Brooks: ‘The Tide Seems to Be Turning in the Favor of America and the Foundational Principles of Liberty and Freedom’

During an interview with Mobile, AL radio’s FM Talk 106.5, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) reacted to the apparent shift in momentum in the wake of the Democratic and Republican Party nominating conventions last month.

Brooks called the shift one in favor of America and the country’s foundational principles. He argued there were clear contrasts in the two choices that voters will have in November.

“I hope it turns off a majority,” he said. “Certainly when November gets here, we will know. But the tide seems to be turning in favor of America and the foundational principles of liberty and freedom that have combined to make us the greatest nation in world history. We can run down the issues real quick — law and order versus more riots and more crime. That’s your choice. That’s a pretty stark choice for most Americans. Then you’ve got open borders and the damage that is done from those open borders, whether it be the suppressed wages of blue-collar workers or the thousands of Americans that are dead each year at the hands of illegal aliens on American soil.”

“Just go down the list,” Brooks continued. “That’s pretty clear. Americans want secure borders. They don’t want open borders. Or socialism versus free enterprise, where socialism is based on government dictatorship — what they can and cannot do, what they can and cannot buy, where they can and cannot work, how much they can and cannot be paid versus free enterprise that is based on freedom and liberty. Voters want freedom and liberty to decide for themselves. They don’t want some government bureaucrat in a cubicle in a windowless office someplace in Washington, D.C., ordering them as to what they can and cannot do with their own resources or their own families. So, you just go down the list of issues, and the Democrats are on the losing side of a lot of really big issues.”

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