Media and Democrats Collude on GREATEST HOAX in History: Pushing Obviously Senile Man for President – The Most Powerful Position in the World Today! — VIDEO

At first it was almost funny – Watching Joe Biden trip all over himself.
Then it became obvious.

But no one said anything. The Democrats and their media have COMPLETELY ignored the facts.
After every Democrat presidential candidate fell flat in this year’s primary, Joe Biden was the only candidate they had left to push against Bernie Sanders.

So the elites circled their wagons around Joe Biden — a dementia patient.

Joe Biden is suffering from severe senility.

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Coming from a family with a long history of Alzheimer’s disease this is not a laughing matter.

Dementia is not a funny joke.
And the fact that the Biden family, Democrat Party and their mainstream media are pretending this is not happening is outrageous.

They know Joe is not up for the job. Joe can’t even read a TelePrompter without screwing it up.

Here’s more evidence…


The fact that Democrats are running a dementia patient for president is not funny or sad.
It’s an outrageous lie.

And they want the country to go along with it.
That’s even more outrageous.