Joe Biden Lies About Murder of Portland Trump Supporter Aaron Danielson (VIDEO)

77-year-old Joe Biden emerged from his basement on Wednesday and spoke at a campaign event in Wilmington, Delaware.

Biden lied about the murder of Trump supporter Aaron “Jay” Danielson who was executed in Portland over the weekend.

39-year-old Danielson was gunned down by far left Antifa militant Michael Reinoehl in Portland in cold blood.

Biden on Wednesday falsely claimed Danielson, a Trump supporter, ‘incited a response’ by shooting rubber bullets or paintballs at leftists when he was shot and killed.

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“I think what happened in Portland, where a, one of the Trump guys riding along in vans, inciting response, shooting rubber bullets, I guess, or paintballs, apparently there was someone shot by someone in the crowd, with a bullet, killed.”

This is a complete lie.

The Trump caravan took place earlier in the day.

Aaron Danielson was walking down the street at night when he was shot in the chest by a left-wing terrorist.


Here’s video of Aaron “Jay” Danielson getting shot and killed by a left-wing terrorist.


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