Democrat Nevada Gov. Sisolak Caught on Video Having Dinner at Las Vegas Restaurant with Live Music – Claims He Did Nothing Wrong

King Governor John Sisolak (D) was caught on video over the weekend having dinner in a Las Vegas restaurant while enjoying live music.

The video was taken on Saturday at Monzu, a popular Italian restaurant.

John Sisolak and his wife Kathy were seen enjoying themselves at Monzu as a live band played music.

Sisolak has banned concerts and live music due to ‘Coronavirus concerns.’

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In fact, Sisolak believes it’s too dangerous for Nevadans to vote in person in November.

Sisolak and Nevada Democrats called a special session earlier this month with no public present and inside of 24 hours they rammed through mail-in voting and ballot harvesting.

Lounge bands are starving. Sisolak has destroyed the Las Vegas entertainment industry.

But he’s allowed to dine indoors with no mask and enjoy a live band.


Sisolak said he did nothing wrong.

“This particular restaurant did temperature checks on the way and everyone wore masks, it was socially distanced, they did extra cleaning in the restaurant,” said Gov. Sisolak during a news conference.

“Ambient music, as it’s called, where people do not go buy a ticket or people do not pay admission, where that’s not the purpose of the visit is allowed in a restaurant,” explained Sisolak.

KTNV interviewed the man who originally posted the viral video of Sisolak dining while enjoying a live band.

“We’re gonna do whatever we can to save it, to be heard and that’s why I posted a video,” said Wally Eastwood, a Las Vegas entertainer.

“This video was sent to me by people with these exact concerns and I try to replicate what they were feeling and what they were describing to me that evening,” said Eastwood in a pre-recorded video which was released to 13 Investigates.