“Probably Not the Best Roll Out” – Power Out, No Air Conditioning at Biden-Harris Event Site – Periscope Livestream Down For 15 Minutes! (VIDEO)

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on Wednesday headed over to a school in Delaware in their first appearance together.

Things didn’t start off so well.

The power was out, there was no air conditioning and Biden’s Periscope livestream abruptly ended as he was speaking.

CNN criticized Biden’s camp after there was an hour delay to the event: “Probably not the best roll out.”

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Then this happened.

Biden’s Periscope livestream was abruptly interrupted as he was speaking.

Viewers were shown a Biden-Harris screen for over 15 minutes.

The Periscope began working again 15 minutes later while Kamala Harris was speaking and only 4,300 people tuned in to watch.

According to Periscope, there was a total of approximately 254,000 viewers for the entire scope.