“Don’t Bait Us!” Mayor Lightfoot Snaps at Reporter For Pointing Out That Looters Took Advantage of the Lack of Consequences in Recent Riots (VIDEO)

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Monday snapped at a reporter for pointing out violent looters took advantage of the lack of consequences in the recent George Floyd riots.

Looters ransacked Chicago last night and attacked police for five hours straight.

security guard was shot in Chicago as widespread violent rioting and looting overwhelmed the city.

The rioting began on Sunday evening in response to a black man who was shot by police after reportedly shooting at them first.

TRENDING: Mayor Lori Lightfoot Lashes Out at President Trump — Says National Guard Not Needed After Looters Ransack Downtown Chicago, Attack Police for 5 Straight Hours (VIDEO)

Thousands of BLM criminals looted luxury stores on Magnificent Mile, with many boldly livestreaming their felonies.

Failed Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot refuses to take responsibility for the mayhem, looting and violence under her watch.

After lashing out at President Trump, Lightfoot snapped at a reporter who dared to point out her failure to keep her city under control.

“Don’t bait us! Don’t bait us!” Lightfoot said to a reporter.