CNN’s Cuomo: Trump Determined to Keep Down his Golf Handicap, Not Coronavirus Cases

Monday on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time,” anchor Chris Cuomo criticized President Donald Trump for golfing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Cuomo said, “The reality has always been, if you don’t deal with the pandemic, you can’t do anything else. You can’t wish it away. You can’t say it’s been too long. You can’t say the lockdown seemed to last forever. Not when you do them right. Middle of a pandemic and this president spent the weekend hitting golf balls and bragged about his large MAGA turnout in coronavirus hot zones, no masks, big crowd, bathetic. The key is the we. It’s the truth, my brothers and sisters, this man is determined to keep down his golf handicap, not the number of cases that are making us sick.”

He continued, “Should we be pushing on Congress? Absolutely. But you know too many on the right are playing the game because they’re afraid of him. So it’s got to be about us. What we can do and what we can force our local leaders to make happen. And the reality is sinking into everybody. Even Trump.”

He added, “You see his latest campaign email? Asking supporters to wear face masks, ‘I don’t love wearing them either, but they can possibly help us get back to our American way of life.’ Where was that months ago? Where was that then? You really think that’s enough now? It’s got to be about us. What I can do, what you can do? What we can do for our families, extend to our community, local leaders, state leaders, and pressure on Congress. I’m telling you, this president doesn’t want to own it.”

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