Gregg Jarrett: FBI Director Chris Wray Is Hiding Joe Pientka from Investigators – Hid Documents for 4 Years that Prove Trump’s Innocence (VIDEO)

DNI chief John Ratcliffe on Thursday declassified documents that revealed the FBI’s so-called ‘defensive briefing’ given to Donald Trump and General Flynn in August of 2016 was actually part of the ‘insurance policy’ to take out Trump and his campaign.

Ratcliffe sent the partially declassified documents to GOP Senators Chuck Grassley, Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, and Ron Johnson, with the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

The FBI was not giving Trump a defensive briefing on August 17, 2016, rather, they were spying on him and collecting information on his campaign.

The August 2016 briefing notes were filed under the FBI Russia probe “Crossfire Hurricane,” and the FBI probe into GEN Flynn dubbed “Crossfire Razor.”

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the newly declassified briefing which she says was written by FBI Special Agent Joe Pientka.

FOX News legal expert Gregg Jarrett went on with Sean Hannity on Thursday to discuss the documents released on Thursday.

Jarrett said Chris Wray is protecting corrupt spygate player Joe Pientka from Congressional investigators.

Gregg Jarrett: At the heart of it, Joe Pientka. You’re right. I write about it in my book. But interestingly the government has scrubbed him from all reports including the FBI report, the Department of Justice report, even the FISA Court report. And the FBI has removed him from their website and sequestored him to San Francisco’s field office refusing to make him available, not withstanding any repeated demands to Congress. That’s the coverup by the existing FBI director Christopher Wray. And the other part of this equation is that the documents today – they’re exculpatory. They tend to prove Trump’s innocence and yet the FBI and Christopher Wray have concealed these documents along with the intel community for the better part of four years. It’s unconscionable. It’s corrupt.

Chris Wray must go. He’s crooked as hell.

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