Intel Expert Bill Binney on Live Stream – Evidence Shows DNC Was Not Hacked (by Russia) – Evidence Points to CIA!

Bill Binney is on a livestream video feed going on now.  He claims DNC was not hacked by Russia.  Evidence supports to the CIA not Russia.

“A Good American” Bill Binney is on a livestream now attempted to get out the truth that there is no evidence the DNC was hacked by Russia and he started with a bomb:

Binney’s story is highlighted in the documentary “A Good American”

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Binney started by discussing what he shared in a previous interview:

Then Binney dropped this bomb: Evidence indicates CIA not Russia involved in the DNC hack fairy tale.

IRA (the Russians) named in court document are no  way related to data hack. Fought in court and US could not prove Russia did it. (See our Concord Management related posts).

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This is all part of a planned coup.

The sedition against this government is kept hidden but too many people know now what went on.

Current CIA Head Gina Haspel was in London at the time of Steele dossier.

Here is link to site: SchillerInstitute

Democrats should pay a heavy penalty for fabrication and lies related to this whole coup attempt.

We need to send a message to Democrats – who try to subdue elections.

We need a “government that functions under the Constitution”

This lawless surveillance has occurred under the watch of the current Congress.

We all cherish privacy and freedom of speech under the Constitution.

This is not an easy fix.  Every member of government is responsible for upholding their oath of office.

In regards to China – a question raised about Consulate in Houston – the Administrative state functioning with more power since 2001.  In regards to China, an apparatus built up around money.  Money allocated to powerful group which has grown since 9-11.

ThinThread system discussed (noted in ‘A Good American’).  Would have identified 9-11 before it happened.

Binney’s ThinThread also protected private information. He also put in a monitor to see who did what, when, where, etc…  This audit trail was not put in because it would show government corruption.

Snowden produced documents which showed government corruption but we still have corrupt actions in the government.

Entire access to NSA data is not monitored.  This is the problem.

Binney’s ThinThread would have stopped the violations of the first and fourth amendments.

The surveillance capabilities have been politicized and are used as weapons.

Chinese communists are like communists in the 1930’s and 40’s and are reluctant to give up centralized controls.  They use consulates as intelligence bases.  Trump’s response is to shut down consulates involved in espionage.

Julian Assange was discussed and the first amendment under assault.

A very well known and trusted source just sent us a comment that says in essence ‘the CIA knows that Seth Rich sent emails to WikiLeaks.  They got involved to muddy up the picture’.