St. Louis Police Shut Down Art Hill in Forest Park After Leftist Groups Threaten to Beat Catholics Again — Hundreds of Catholics Turn Out Anyway!

For the past two weeks Catholics have been meeting on Art Hill in Forest Park at the St. Louis statue to pray the rosary.  This is in response to radical leftists calling for the statue to be removed and for St. Louis City to be renamed.

Two weeks ago the Gateway Pundit called on local Christians to come together for a prayer rally at the statue of St. Louis in Forest Park.

When we arrived for a prayer rally at the St. Louis statue in Forest Park we were met by a very violent, raucous, disrespectful mob of Black Lives Matter activists and leftist radicals.

Local radical leftists smeared our prayer rally as a white nationalist event and KKK meeting knowing this would put our Christian group in mortal danger.

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Let me just say this was one of the most frightening gatherings I’ve ever attended as a writer and conservative activist in 16 years.
We posted this video earlier following the rally and the violence that took place against Christians when we left the area.

After most of the Catholics and Christians left the area three Catholic men were viciously beaten by the far left group that remained at the statue.

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Devout Catholics have been praying every night at the St. Louis statue at 6:30 PM for over two weeks now.

On Sunday night the radical left called on supporters to come out and harass Christians at their daily prayer rally.

Earlier today the St. Louis Police blocked off the streets surrounding the area.

And police set up concrete barricade around the statue.

Bill Hennessey sent photos from Art Hill tonight.

The Catholics marched to the St. Louis statue despite the threats and oppressive heat.

St. Vitus has live video from Art Hill.

There was a massive turnout tonight… Several hundred turned out to say the rosary.