“Blah-Blah-Blah…” – Hateful Black Lives Matter Protester Mocks, Interrupts Catholics in Prayer at St. Louis Statue (VIDEO)

Last week The Gateway Pundit organized a prayer rally at the Statue of St. Louis on Art Hill on Saturday morning in Forest Park.

In response to our prayer rally violent leftists and Black Lives Matter organized a counter rally and smeared the Catholic Prayer rally as a KKK event.

We have covered the rally extensively here at The Gateway Pundit. Several priests were at the St. Louis Statue. Several Catholics were at the statue. And dozens of violent leftists and Black Lives Matter activists showed up to disrupt and hurl profanities at the Catholics and Christians assembled at the statue of St. Louis.

Here is one video from the rally during our praying.

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Several Catholics remained at the statue after the prayer service and several leftists were there to cause trouble.

At one point a 61-year-old Catholic man from St. Louis was jumped by the violent leftists and Black Lives Matter activists.

The Catholic man Paul was beat unconscious.
He was one of at least three men who were beaten by the Black Lives Matter mob.

Also on Saturday Black Lives Matter protesters mocked and interrupted and screamed at Catholics in prayer.

This woman mocked Catholics saying the rosary, “Blah-blah-blah…”

And the BLM mob mocked the Bible at the statue.
Photo by Robert Cohen — Post-Dispatch