“It’s What Happened in the Cultural Revolution in China” – Dr. William Jacobson on the Cancel Culture at Cornell Law School (VIDEO)

Dr. William Jacobson is a minority professor at an Ivy League university.

Dr. Jacobson is a lawyer, professor and he happens to be conservative.
Being a conservative at an Ivy League school is not an enviable position.
Academia is increasingly intolerant.

For years now Dr. Jacobson has been writing at his prominent conservative website Legal Insurrection.

But recently the leftist mob attacked Professor Jacobson for writing factually but critically of the black lives matter movement.

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The radical and vocal left pushed the university to fire the professor over his writings.

Earlier today Eduardo M. Peñalver , the Dean and Professor of Law, released a statement on Dr. Jacobson and academic freedom.

Dr. Peñalver defended Professor Jacobson’s right to academic freedom which is a hopeful sign in the current political climate.  Peñalver did however make it clear that he did not agree with Dr. Jacobson’s postings on Black Lives Matter.

On Thursday night Dr. Jacobson joined Laura Ingraham to discuss the cancel culture mob at Cornell.

During their discussion Dr. Jacobson compared the current university climate to the Cultural Revolution in China.

It’s a good comparison.

Via The Ingraham Angle: