VIDEO: Far Left Rioters and Homeless Squatters TRASH Minneapolis Sheraton – Leave Piles of Garbage After Eviction

Rioters took over the Sheraton Minneapolis Midtown Hotel last week during the ongoing Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots.

The organizers of the hotel takeover raised over $174,000 to turn the upscale hotel into homeless shelter and operations base.

But sadly the 200 homeless citizens were forced out of the hotel on Wednesday.

The Minneapolis Sanctuary Hotel posted this sad statement regarding their eviction from a hotel they did not own.

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The far left squatters were moved out.

The rioters and homeless people left the hotel in ruins.
A video was released from the trashed hotel after the rioters left.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune cheered the lawlessness.

The Marxists are very upset about the eviction.