Stacey Abrams Predicts Democrats’ 2020 Record Turnout Will Be ‘Disaster’ for GOP

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “All In,” former Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, often mentioned as a possible running mate for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, predicted that Democratic voters would turn out in record numbers in November’s election.

According to Abrams, that will mean a “disaster” for the Republican Party.

Abrams said, “We know that it’s going to be worse. We know that people want to be heard. We are in the midst of a public health crisis, an economic collapse, a deep distrust of our justice system, and we have a voting system that Republicans are doing their level best to make as unusable as possible. Republicans have been fighting across this country to fight back against expansion or at least access to voting rights. But we also know that Republican leaders know better. They use absentee ballots. They know that vote by mail works. They are not concerned about fraud with vote by mail. They’re concerned about participation.”

She added, “What we saw happen in Georgia was that more Democrats voted in this election than voted in previous primaries, including in 2016. And this record turnout looks different, looks like disaster for them. So they’re going to do their level best to limit who can actually have a voice in our election.”

Hayes said, “You raised the turnout yesterday. It was very high. Georgia has two contested Senate seats, two contested Senate primaries yesterday, along with the presidential primary, which had been delayed. There is polling showing the president and Joe Biden essentially tied in Georgia or around there. Election day in Georgia is going to be bonkers just at a turnout level. Two Senate seats and also the presidential. You’ve got to imagine that any competent administrator would have to be planning for an enormous turnout in November.”

Abrams said, “I know that the turnout in this upcoming election is going to dwarf the record turnout we had in 2018. 2018 we had the single largest turnout from Democratic voters in Georgia history. That number is going to be much higher in 2020 because recovery from the pandemic, recovery from the systemic injustice that we saw that took the life of Mr. Arbery, George Floyd, and Brianna Taylor. Those issues are going yo be on the ballot. People know if we don’t solve this problem in this election, we do not have a future for many people in this country.”

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