A Look Into Criminal Justice Reform And What Black Lives Matter Aims To Accomplish


On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Kmele Foster joined host Ben Domenech to discuss possible criminal justice reform as a result of the recent riots and newfound energy among the Black Lives Matter movement. Foster co-hosts “The Fifth Column” podcast and his work can be found at Freethink media.

Kmele argued that, although there must be changes to how law enforcement operates, it can’t be solely about race.

“I think having law enforcement be more transparent is something that is very important and accountability is critical there. I also think that bounding all of that up in a conversation about race broadly and disparities in particular is a mistake. I think that it obscures some of the things that are important and assumes many things we can’t know or haven’t proven.”

He added that it’s the confusing discussion of race and criminal justice reform that produced the campaign by Black Lives Matter, and has strayed from its message concerning criminal justice reform to many other “strange objectives which people can’t really disentangle,” such as the idea to defund the police.

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