What’s In That Wine Bottle On Your Kitchen Counter?

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Do you know what could be in that wine bottle sitting on your kitchen counter?

…try “oak” flavoring

…“Mega Purple” dye

…TONs of sugar (added because mass market winemakers often pick their grapes before they mature then cleverly hide it using acids)…

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… and that’s not counting all the chemicals left over from vineyards that look more like oil refineries than the great Chateau of old… (for example, a study in California found herbicide in every single bottle tested!)

But better wines do exist…

…and they don’t cost an arm and a leg either…

…like the wine this explorer recently came across (Gateway Pundit directly benefits from orders through this link and the links below):

… made from handpicked grapes fed with natural snowmelt water that trickles down from mountain peaks 10,000 feet high…

An opaque, near-black, red wine

…from old vines brought from France over 100 years ago (vines that don’t even exist in Europe anymore!)

… no dyes

… no filter

… a color so deep and dark they call it “black wine”

Problem is… this delicious red wine (with hints of balsamic, leather, and black berry) can only be found in a single isolated corridor of the Southern Hemisphere…

The Secret “Work-Around” to Getting Rare Foreign Wine Without the Inflated Prices

If you buy a bottle of wine for $100, about $20 actually goes to covering the winemaking itself.

The rest? Marketing costs, taxes, and middle men.

But recently, an American entrepreneur came up with a way to bypass this whole system:

He formed a “private wine partnership” to import wine directly from these high-altitude wineries…no middle men… no inflated prices!

If you are interested in checking out their inventory, you can do so by clicking here.

As a new member you will be entitled to FREE shipping (which ain’t cheap!).

But fair notice, they expect spots to fill up very quickly (last time, they filled 500 spots in a day or so) so if you are interested, don’t wait to learn more!

Click here to learn more!

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